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I would like to dedicate this small place to a great friend of BOG: Edgard Poças. At this point I would like to say a very special thanks. Ein herzliches Dankeschön. Edgard always has an open ear for my many questions about Baden Powell and answers all my persistent inquiries in his very special way: humorous, intelligent and humane (and he still remains kind and patient at my questioning). He helps BOG wherever he can. He made many contacts that are almost impossible from Germany. He not only generously shares his memories, but also supported the website with gifts. Since many years I have repeatedly submitted music from Baden Powell's Sideman Discography to him for evaluation. At the end of the day, his vote is crucial to whether an LP is added or not. Edgard not only has an encyclopedic knowledge of Music generally, he also knew many famous musicians personally and was friends with them. Likewise since 1964 with Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes. I would like to say that this Website is also dear to his heart. All this is based with a long and great admiration for Baden's art. - I cannot appreciate his contribution to the site here enough. Saravah, Edgard!

BOG in Sep 2022
Edgard Pocas