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Hiroyuki Teramae
Vagabond - Tribute to Baden Powell

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  1. Asa Branca
  2. Euridice
  3. Solamente una vez
  4. Samba do Aviao
  5. Gente Humilde
  6. When you wish upon a star
  7. A Lenda do Abaete
  8. Chanson de LŽadieu
Musician: Hiroyuki Teramae (git)
Year of performance: Guitarfreak Studio, Oume-city, Tokyo, July 2003
Producer & Crew: Produced & Designed: Hiroyuki Teramae
Recorded and Mixed by Guitarfreak Records
Fotos: Mikihito Tanaka
Guitar & Strings: Amalio Burguet and Savarez Strings
Total Time 35:31 min.
Label: Guitarfreak Records (Japan)
CD number: GF-001
Release Year: CD: 10 April 2004, Japan
Last page update: 15 May 2017

What a wonderful site with supreme love for Baden,
and great understanding his life and music.
Saravah! BrazilOnGuitar.

Hiroyuki Teramae
Jan.12 2006

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