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De Vinicius e Baden
Especialmente para Ciro Monteiro

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  1. Para Fazer Um Bom Cafe
  2. Linda Baiana
  3. Deixa
  4. Amei Tanto
  5. Astronauta
  6. Garota Porongondons
  7. Formosa
  8. Alo, Joao
  9. Tome Meu Coracao
  10. Tempo Feliz
Musicians: Ciro Monteiro (vcl)
Baden Powell (git)
Group: ?
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio RioSom, 1965
Producer & Crew: Producer and Direction: Aloysio de Olivera
Ass. Artistic Director: Jose Delphino Filho
Recording Engineer: Norman Sternberg
Recording Technican: Umberto Contardi
Linernotes: Aloysio de Olivera (Portuguese / English)
Fotos: Paulo Lorgus
Cover Design: Eddy Moyna
Illustration: J. C. Mello Menezes
CD Consultants: Caetano Rodrigues, Ruy Castro
CD Booklet Notes: Ruy Castro (in English)
Total Time 26:20 min.
Label: Elenco / Emarcy Records (Brazil)
LP number: ME-24
CD number: 073145589572
UPC / EAN number: 731455895728
Release Year: LP: (8 November *) 1965, Brazil
(* written with pen on the LP backcover)

CD: 22 June 2004, Brazil
Comments: The songs "Alo, Joao" and "Tome Meu Coracao"
was a gift by Ciro Monteiro. We thank Edgard Pocas
for this story about Ciro, a man with a wonderful
Last page update: 17 November 2016

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