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Tempo feliz

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  1. Vou Por Ai
  2. Apelo
  3. A Chuva
  4. Deixa
  5. Consolacao
  6. Sem Saber
  7. Pro Forma
  8. Tempo feliz
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Mauricio Einhorn (harmonica)
Edison Lobo (b)
Chico Batera (dr)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio, Rio de Janeiro, 24-25 January 1966
Producer & Crew: Direction & Producing: Roberto Quartin & Wadi Gebara
Recording Engineer: Ademar Rocha
Linernotes: Roberto Quartin, 1966 (in Portuguese)
Total Time 39:24 min.
Label: Forma (Brazil)
Philips (Japan)
Fontana (Brazil, Reprint)
Universal Music (Brazil)
LP number: VDL 100 (Brazil)
SFX-7299 (Japan)
6485 100 (Brazil)
100 VDL (Brazil, Reprint)
CD number: Mercury Music - PHCA 4243 (1991, Japan)
FORMA PHCA-4243 (1998, Japan)
04228488522 (2003, Brazil)
UPC / EAN number: 4988011361081 (2003, Brazil)
Release Year: LP: 1 March 1966, Brazil
LP: 1970, Japan
LP Reprint: 1978, Brazil
LP Reprint: 2001, Brazil
CD: 1991, Japan
CD: 26 November 1998, Japan
Third Cd Edition: 25 June 2003, Brazil
Also published in: O Mestre do Violao Brasileiro (CD-Box, Brazil, 2003)
Description: Collector's item and in BOG's top-ten of favourite

Style: Great jam session about brazilian themes.
Last page update: 9 September 2015

BrazilOnGuitar says: There is the anecdote that Baden Powell was very drunk during the Tempo feliz sessions. It seems believable, because the film shots of Round Midnight prove to which precise playing and musicality he was capable of in such condition. It is said that the rather shy Baden Powell could only be more extrovert by drinking alcohol. This is very regrettable and he payed a high price, recording such an expressive, relaxed album like Tempo feliz.
This can be seen in his commands, his rhythmic finger clicking and humming along to his musical ideas, which reminds of Keith Jarrett and was rather rare for Baden Powell. It is impressive with which tone, coordination and endurance he played in this jam session.

It is the only recording he did with the Brazilian harmonica player Mauricio Einhorn. Even though they play completely different instruments there were no boundaries between Mauricio and Baden, they were listening and responding to each other. It may seem unfortunate that this was their only recording but nothing remained unsaid. The record's grooves preserve their musical ideas and contain material for the following generations of guitarists and harmonica players. Tempo feliz is one of the best records, that Baden Powell did in the sixties.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

Mauricio Einhorn

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