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Baden Powell live al Teatro Sistina
I Lunedì del Sistina - Miti e Suoni del Brasile

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  1. Petite Valse
  2. Na Baixa do Sapateiro
  3. Preludio in minor
  4. Chanson de l'Adieu
  5. Cantico Nordestino
  6. Garota de Ipanema
  7. A Primeira Vez
  8. Cantata BWV 147 (Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude)
  9. Variacoes Sobre "Asa Branca"
  10. A Lenda do Abaeté
  11. Desafinado
  12. Samba da Minha Terra / Nega do Cabelo Duro
  13. A Felicidade
  14. Meu Velho Amigo / Samba Em Preludio
  15. Berimbau / Agua de Beber
  16. Canto de Ossanha
  17. Samba da Benção
  18. Formosa
  19. Marcha Escocesa
  20. Aos pes da Santa Cruz
Guitar Model: "Virtuoso" Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: On Monday, 9 February 1976 [Tracks 1-10, 16-18, 20]
On Tuesday, 20 January 1981, Teatro Sistina, Rome, Italy
Total Time 89:41 min.
Label: Halidon (Italy)
CD number: LDS04
UPC / EAN number: 8030615042340
Release Year: CD: 13 November 2012, Italy
Also published as: Live'82 [Cd 2: Tracks 1-5, 9]
(in the list above: 11-15, 19]
Description: The 2-CD comes with a 12-page booklet and a slip case.
The concert of February 9th 1976 has been cut. Missing
are the trio recordings with Guy Pederson and Coaty Olivera.

The tracks of the second disc, 1-5 & 9, had been released
for the first time on the LP "Live '82". The ordering on the CD
is different from the original set, it was as follows:

Consolaçao - Canto De Ossanha
Samba Da Bençao
Marcha Escocesa
Aos Pes Da Santa Cruz
Etude op. 10, No. 3
O Cego Aderaldo
Corale BWV 147
Asa Branca
A Lenda Do Abaete
O Samba Da Minha Terra
A Felicidade
Velho Amigo/Samba Em preludio

Thanks to: Fabio Spoldi (Italy) for his expert advice, friendly support
and generoustiy. And Robert G. for his translations.
Last page update: 23 August 2017

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