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Baden Powell e Stephane Grappelli -
La Grande Reunion

Cover: LP - front  /  back  /  gatefold  /  label
CD - front  /  back  /  disc  /  matrix (France)
CD Box - front  /  back  /  disc  /  matrix (France)
CD - front  /  back (Brazil)
  1. Eu vim da Bahia
  2. Meditacao
  3. Berimbau
  4. Desafinado
  5. Samba de uma nota so
  6. Isaura
  7. Amor em paz
  8. Brasil
Musicians: Stephane Grappelli (v)
Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Guy Pedersen (b)
Pierre-Alain Dahan (dr)
Jorge G. Rezende (perc)
Clement de Waleyne (perc)
unknown strings
Guitar Model: "Virtuoso" Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: From Wednesday to Thursday, 4-5 September 1974
Studio Damiens, Paris, France
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Arnauld de Froberville
Recording Engineer: Guy Boyer
Fotos: H. P. Arnaud
Total Time LP: 35:53 min.
CD: 54:01 min.
Label: Festival / Accord (France)
Imagem (Brazil)
LP number: FLD 634 (1975)
685 (1977)
CD number: 557322 (France, 1986)
CD 1007 (Brazil, 1989)
UPC / EAN number: 723722199523
Release Year: LP: 1975, France
LP: 1977, France (w/ Melancolie)
CD: 1986, France
CD: 1989, France (3 Cd Box)
CD: 1989, Brazil
Last page update: 23 August 2017

BrazilOnGuitar says: In September 1974 BP and Stephane Grappelli met to do a record together. However the great chance of this meeting was lost. BP, a fan of Django Reinhardt, and SG, Django's friend and musical partner, recorded 15 title within two days that did not do justice to their musicality. Both very experienced musicians and familiar with many styles contented themselves with tame arrangements of standards. A swing record in the style of Django Reinhardt or pieces like Lotus would have been more interesting and would have made the title La Grande Reunion more appropriate.

BP himself regretted the short recording time and lacking quality, but both musicians had to play concerts shortly after so they flew away immediately after the sessions. Further projects together were not done.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

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