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Billy Nencioli et Baden Powell

Cover: French LP - front  /  back  /  label
Brazilian LP - front  /  back  /  label
EP France - front  /  back  /  label
CD Japan - front  /  back  /  inside  /  insert  /  disc  /  matrix
  1. Si Rien Ne Va
  2. Cet Hiver A Courchevel
  3. Quel Metier
  4. On Peut Me Dire Du Mal De Toi
  5. Mais Ne Rigole Pas
  6. Pour Toi Marie
  7. Un Vieux Refrain
  8. Jean Marie Juana
  9. Tiens Bonjour!
  10. La Derniere Fois
  11. Souviens-Toi Mon frere
  12. Mon Ami pierrot
Group: Les Violons de Paris
Musicians: Billy Nencioli (vcl)
Baden Powell (git)
Michel Gaudry (b)
Hernandez (fl)
Daniel Humair Molinetti (dr)
Roger Guerin (trp)
B. Garcia (t-sax)
Ceret (perc)
Les Violons de Paris (strings)
Ivan Jullien (orchestra arrangement)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio Barclay-Hoche, Paris, 1965
Total Time 32:15 min.
Fotos: Gilbert Nencoli
Label: Barclay (France / Brazil / Japan)
LP number: 80.263 S (France)
BARLP-10.008 (Brazil)
EP number: 70.865 M
CD number: POCJ 2767
UPC / EAN number: 4988005233325
Release Year: LP: 1965, France
LP: 1966, Brazil
CD: 8 May 1999, Japan
Last page update: 16 October 2016

BrazilOnGuitar says: In 1965 BP returned to Paris to record his second album for Barclay with the French singer Billy Nencioli. They composed twelve songs. The texts were written by Billy Nencioli, the music and arrangements were done by BP, who until 1965 gained a lot of experience in accompaning. Unmistakably he is accompaning Billy Nencioli in all songs. The style of the songs varies from dance songs to more complex jazz songs. We do not understand the lyrics, but this record has its charme and we enjoy listening to it.

We did not find much information about Billy Nencioli himself, Charles Aznavour remembered him as […] a gentleman, a pacifist in the times of the Algerian war and a exceptional composer of songs, that came directly from the heart like "On lui a donné", "Ça m' regarde" , "Les poteaux", "Tante Amélie", "On ne trouve ça qu'à Paris" [...] . Billy Nencioli passed away at age 65 in 1998.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation and Olaf (Netherlands) for the pictures of the brazilian edition. And a very special thank to Edgard Pocas for his label scans.

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