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Baden Powell a vontade

Cover: LP Brazil 1963 - front  /  back  /  label(1)  /  label(2)
LP Japan 1968 - front  /  gatefold  /  back  /  label
MC France 1967 - front  /  inside  /  tape 1  /  tape 2
EP Japan 1969 - front  /  back  /  label
CD Japan 1990 - front  /  back  /  disc  /  matrix
CD Japan 2002 - front  /  back
CD Brazil 2003 - front  /  back  /  booklet  /  disc  /  matrix
CD UK 2008 - front  /  back  /  booklet extract  /  disc  /  matrix
  1. Garota De Ipanema
  2. Berimbau
  3. O Astronauta
  4. Consolacao
  5. Sorongaio
  6. Samba Do Aviao
  7. Saudades Da Bahia
  8. Candomble
  9. Conversa De Poeta
  10. Samba Triste
Musicians: Baden Powell (git)
Jorge Ferreira da Silva (fl)
Pedro dos Santos (sorongo)
Joao Batista, Stockler Pimentel (dr)
unknown bass player
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio RioSom, 1963
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Aloysio de Oliveira
Linernotes: Aloysio de Oliveira, 1963 (Portuguese)
Booklet Notes: Tarik de Souza, 2003 (Portuguese)
Artwork Artist: Cesar Villela
Foto (LP Japan): Francisco Pereia
Foto (MC France): Christian Rose
Total Time 35:49 min.
Label: Elenco (Brazil)
Barclay (France)
Victor (Japan)
Polygram (Brazil)
Universal Music (Brazil)
Cherry Red (UK)
LP number: ME 11 (Elenco, Brazil)
820.092 (Barclay, France)
SFX-7130 (Victor, Japan)
CD number: MDC5-1107 (1990, Japan)
848968-2 (1995, Brazil)
UICY-3523 (21 June, 2002, Japan)
04228489682 (2003, Brazil)
ACEM137CD (2008, UK)
MC number: B 080.317 (Barclay)
EP number: SFL-3245
UPC / EAN number: 042284896825 (1995, Brazil)
5026328204420 (2003, Brazil)
5013929313736 (2008, UK)
Release Year: LP: 1963, Brazil
LP: circa 1967, France
LP: 1968, Japan
LP: 1970, France
MC: 1967, France
EP: 1969, Japan
CD: 1990 & 21 June 2002, Japan
CD: 1995 & 25 June 2003, Brazil
CD: 28 March 2008 (w Os Afro Sambas), UK
Also published on: O Mestre do Violao Brasileiro (CD-Box, Brazil, 2003)
Last Update: August 2018

BrazilOnGuitar says: Baden Powell's "A Vontade" - which means feeling very relaxed - can be seen as the true first and personal album on Elenco, which was recorded in 1963, his second one for Elenco. Finally, he left behind musical conventions and the heavily orchestrated arrangements of the fifties. With Bossa Nova having highest commercial success at that time he still plays his Afro-Sambas and shows his own musical point of view.

Baden Powell plays in his preferred small combo setting, often even without a bass player. The record opens with an instrumental version of the hit Garota de Ipanema which is followed by Baden Powell's Berimbau. Some titles will be recorded only once, others he would record and perform many times. The last song, Samba Triste, comes in a slower solo version, partly sounding like an accompaniment version.

We thank Robert G. for his translation and Mark for his scans of the UK release and the note on the MC.

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