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Maria D'Apparecida chante Baden Powell

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  1. Deixa
  2. A volta
  3. Carta de Poeta
  4. Quaquaraquaqua (Vou Deitar E Rolar)
  5. Violao Vadio
  6. Amanhecer
  7. Refem Da Solidao
  8. Sermao
  9. Samba Do Perdao
  10. As Verdades
Musicians: Maria dŽApparecida (vcl)
Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Louis Felix Angelo "Luigi" Trussardi (b)
Sam Kelly, Miguel da Costa, Nilton Marcelino,
Nitochris Padhila, Jose Abreu de Oliveira,
Haroldo de Oliveira, Carlos A.S. de Oliveira (dr, perc)
Guitar Model: Flamenco Guitar by luthier Dieter Hopf
Year of performance: Studio Johanna, Paris, July 1977
Producer & Crew: Direction and Arrangements: Baden Powell
Realisation: Marie-Claude Lagarde
Recording Engineer: Didier Pitois
Producing: Mary Melody [Label]
Foto Back: A. Larue
Total Time 38:38 min.
Label: Carabine / Adda / Libert / Mary Melody (All France)
Transmedia (Brazil)
LP number: 26513 Y (1977)
66132 (1979)
67543 (1985)
Single number: 66484
CD number: 581077 (Adda)
JD 760 487 (Libert)
UPC / EAN number: 3341348750392 (Libert)
Release Year: LP: 1977, France
LP Reprints: 1979 & 1980, France
LP: 1985, Brazil
CD: 1987, Adda, France
CD: May 1994, Libert, France
Also published as: Maria D'Apparecida et Baden Powell
(LP, Mary Melody, France, 1979)
Maria D'Apparecida et Baden Powell
(LP, Carabine, France, 1980)
Last Update: 17 October 2016

BrazilOnGuitar says: Both his productions from 1977, BP Canta Vinicius de Moraes e Paulo Cesar Pinheio and Maria Apparecida chante BP are an hommage to the collaboration with his long-time partners Vinicus and Paulo. After BP's poor health condition in the mid-seventies, his studio break in 1976, having finished last recording obligations in 1977 und his unusual economic playing style on both these records, we see the record Maria Apparecida as an artistic closing point and private retreat after many recordings and concerts.

There are two new compositions on the record: Amanhecer (co-written with his wife Silvia) and As Verdades. The rest of the tracklist is similar to the 1970 album As Musicas de Baden Powell e Paulo Cesar Pinheiro. While BP sung in all tracks of BP Canta Vinicius de Moraes e Paulo Cesar Pinheio, here he is more contained, only singing in duo with Maria Apparecida on three titles: A volta, Quaquaraquaqua, Refem Da Solidao. As on the last record Baden arranged and accompanied his own compositions using overdub.

We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation and the gift of the orignal record to BrazilOnGuitar.

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