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Baden Powell et Cordes - Mélancolie

1975 - Baden Powell et Cordes - Mélancolie   1975 - Baden Powell et Cordes - Mélancolie
Recorded: 1975, Le studio Frémontel
at Le Fidelaire, Normandy
  1. Para machuchar meu coracao
  2. Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce
  3. Midjao
  4. Acalanto Das Nonas
  5. Rosa Maria
  6. Aos Pes Da Santa Cruz
  7. Horizon
  8. Saudades Da Bahia
  9. Imagen
  10. Dindi
  11. So danco Samba
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Janine de Waleyne (vcl)
Guy Pedersen (b)
Jean Arpino (dr)
Jacques Denjean (strings)
Label: LP: Festival FLD 645 (France, 1975)
CD: Accord 139213 (France, 1985)

CD Bonus Tracks 9-10 are Outtakes
CD Track 11 from Tristeza 1976

BrazilOnGuitar says: BP and Strings ist the title of his 9th Festival album and can easily be said that to us it is the least convincing. The string arrangements were added later and make the songs sound like film music. Here less could have been more. They fit the musical taste of that time, but they try to bring out the individuality of the compositions, but do not adapt to the complex harmonies and sound too labored. This remained the only attempt with prominent string orchestration.

Most likely, 1975 at the studio in the Normandy there were recorded three albums within five days: Samba Triste, Melancolie and Tristeza 1976. These recordings were the last with Janine de Waleyne, Guy Pedersen, his preferred musicians of the last years.

BP presented two new compositions: Acalanto das nonas and Horizon. Without strings these would have been the last published solo pieces for guitar. The other titles are mostly from the sixties and can be considered as standards. Midjao, a composition by Guy Pedersen and Imagens (only on the CD re-release) are probably the most interesting tracks on Melancolie. The LP and CD have a mistake in the tracklist: Para machuchar meu coracao is wrongly called Ano e meio.

In 1989 the album was re-released on one CD and part of a 3-CD-Box with two unreleased tracks from the Melancolie sessions: Imagens and Dindi. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.


L'Impartial, Swiss
22 Aug 1975
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