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Baden Powell à Paris

1995 - Baden Powell à Paris    1995 - Baden Powell à Paris
Recorded: Live, 12 May, 1974, Olympia Theatre, Paris
  1. Variacoes Afro-Brasileiras (Suite Berimbau)
  2. Samba Do Aviao
  3. Imagens Nordeste Brasil
  4. Samba Triste
  5. Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce
  6. Preludio No.1
  7. A Lenda Do Abaete
  8. Asa Branca
  9. Marcha Escocesa

  1. Garota De Ipanema
  2. Aos Pes Da Santa Cruz
  3. Samba Novo
  4. Valse No.1 (Valsa numero um)
  5. Tributo Ao Amigo Pedro Santos
  6. Oriental
  7. Samba Da Minha Terra
  8. Samba Capoeira - Part.1
  9. Samba Capoeira - Part.2
  10. Coisa No.1
Musicians: Baden Powell (git, vcl)
Guy Pedersen (b)
Joaquim Paes Henriques (dr)
Pedro Santos (Pedro Sorongo) (perc)
Label: CD: RTE 710703 (France, 1995)
CD: Laserlight 36188 (Germany, 2003)

BrazilOnGuitar says: December 1995 brought a surprise for the Baden's fans of the world: the impressive 2CD Baden Powell a Paris. We think, that it is one of the best releases of the past twenty-six years [2021]. Even twenty-six years after its recording during the Guitarra do Brasil ´74 Tour it has lost nothing of its impact and artistry. It is the most complete live recording of a show by BP and shows impressive musical coordination and endurance. Many compositions were already played during the European tour in 1970, but are played differently in this concert of 1974. Afro Samba and Jazz are connected closely. Some titles had been never released on record before: Preludio, Oriental and Samba Capoeira. We can only recommend this 2CD to all fans. The 1995-RTE-edition is out of print, but in 2003 it was re-released as Oriental without the 11-page booklet. We thank Robert G. (Germany) for his translation.

Some Tour Dates, '74
26 April, Stadthalle, Heidelberg
3 May, Kieler Schloss, Kiel
4 May, Stadttheater, Bremerhaven
5 May, Schumann-Saal, Düsseldorf
6 May, Stadthalle, Braunschweig
7 May, Audimax, Hamburg
8 May, Philharmonie, Berlin
12 May, Olympia, Paris
15 December, Maison de l’ORTF, Paris

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