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Os Afro Sambas - Baden Vinicius

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  1. Canto De Ossanha
  2. Canto De Xango
  3. Bocoche
  4. Canto De Iemanja
  5. Tempo De Amor
  6. Canto Do Caboclo Pedra Preta
  7. Tristeza E Solidao
  8. Lamento De Exu *
Group: Quarteto em Cy, Coro Misto
Musicians: Vinicius de Moraes (vcl)
Dulce Nunes (vcl) *
Quarteto em Cy (vcl)
Baden Powell (git)
Nicolino Copia (fl)
Jorge Marinho (b)
Reisinho (dr)
Alfredo Bessa (atabaque)
Nelson Luis (atabaque pequeno)
Pedro Luiz de Assis (t-sax)
Aurino Ferreira (bar-sax)
Alexandre Silva Martins (bongo)
Gilson de Freitas (pandeiro)
Mineirinho (agogo)
Adyr Jose Raymundo (afoche)

Quarteto em Cy:
Cyva, Cybele, Cynara e Cylene

Coro Misto:
Eliana Sabino (vcl)
Betty Faria (vcl)
Tereza Drummond (vcl)
Nelita (vcl)
Dr. Cesar Augusto Parga Rodrigues (vcl)
Otto Goncalves Filho (vcl, git)
Guitar Model: Author 3 by luthier Reinaldo DiGiorgio
Year of performance: Studio, 3-6 January 1966, Rio de Janeiro
Producer & Crew: Direction and Producing: Roberto Quartin and Wadi Gebara
Recording Engineer: Ademar Rocha
First Linernotes: Vinicius de Moraes, Februrary 1966
Total Time 32:38 min.
Label: Philips / Mercury Music (Japan)
LP number: BT-5292
CD number: PHCA 4205 (1998)
5581912 (2006)
UICY-90158 (2008)
UICY-94158 (2011)
Release Year: LP: 1975, Japan
CD: 29 April 1998, Japan
CD: 7 February 2006, Japan
CD: 16 April 2008, Japan
CD: 29 December 2011
Description: Legendary record, as first Forma pressing a collector's
item. The booklet of the 2003 cd reissue contains all
Style: Afro-Sambas, famous songs by Vinicius and Baden.
Last page update: 13 September 2015

BrazilOnGuitar says: The year 1966 would be very important for Baden's career. Firstly, he would get to know the jazz expert Joachim-Ernst Behrend, who would produce Tristeza On Guitar and invite him to Germany, where more important contacts for his career would develop. Secondly, he recorded an album of songs, that were the result of an intense work with Vinicius de Moraes: Os Afro-Sambas. These songs were his biggest contribution to Brazilian music history and will always keep alive Baden Powell's name and memory.

Thanks to Robert G. (Germany) for his translation and Joe Carter for infos.

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