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Baden Powell Live
Un film de Jean-Claude Guiter

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  1. Samba do aviao
  2. Naquelle Tempo
  3. Lenda do abaete
  4. Samba Triste
  5. Lembrancas da infancia
  6. Asa Branca
  7. Marcha Escocesa

  8. Samba da minha terra
  9. Nega de cabelo duro
  10. Corcovado
  11. A primeira vez
  12. Ao pes da Santa Cruz
  13. Violao Vadio
  14. Carinhoso
  15. Berimbau
  16. Lapinha
  17. Quaquaraquaqua
  18. Samba de Bencao
Published by: Fremeaux-Associes & G2
Media: DVD
DVD number: FA 4011
Year of performance: Live at "Le Petit Journal", March 1999
March 1999 at Pierre Barouhs home
18 March 1999 at Claude Nougaros home
Year of release: 18 October 2005
Running Time: 240 min.
Language: French and Portuguese
Subtitles: French
Bonusmaterial: Interview with Baden Powell
Interview with Pierre Barouh
Interview with Claude Nougaro
(Complete 58 min.)
Description: 8-page booklet with french linernotes by
Jean-Claude Guiter and Pierre Barouh.

Track 1-7 solo, Track 8-18 with
Claudio de Queiroz (flute and sax),
Edmundo Carneiro (percussion).
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